Please don’t get my titles confused!

I have to issue a word of warning for anyone buying my books on Amazon, either in the UK, the US or Canada. The names of the novels have changed in different territories and I really don’t want people to end up buying a book they’ve already read and then feeling understandably fed up. For clarification, here are the Clara Vine books in chronological order.

Clara Vine #1 Black Roses

Clara Vine #2 The Winter Garden

Clara Vine #3 A War of Flowers (UK) The Scent of Secrets (US and Canada)

Clara Vine #4 Faith and Beauty (UK) The Pursuit of Pearls (US and Canada)

Just for added confusion, the jacket of The Winter Garden is used in the US for The Scent of Secrets.

Please check the blurb carefully to make sure you’re not buying the same novel and my heartfelt apologies if you already have!