The Words I Never Wrote

New York, present day: On a whim, Juno Lambert buys a 1931 Underwood typewriter that once belonged to celebrated journalist Cordelia Capel. Within its case she discovers an unfinished novel, igniting a transatlantic journey to fill the gaps in the story of Cordelia and her sister and the secret that lies between them.

Europe, 1936: Cordelia’s socialite sister Irene marries a German industrialist who whisks her away to Berlin. Cordelia, feistier and more intellectual than Irene, gets a job at a newspaper in Paris, pursuing the journalism career she cherishes. As politics begin to boil in Europe, the sisters exchange letters and Cordelia discovers that Irene’s husband is a Nazi sympathizer. With increasing desperation, Cordelia writes to her beloved sister, but as life in Nazi Germany darkens, Irene no longer dares admit what her existence is truly like. Knowing that their letters cannot tell the whole story, Cordelia decides to fill in the blanks by sitting down with her Underwood and writing the truth.

When Juno reads the unfinished novel, she resolves to uncover the secret that continued to divide the sisters amid the turmoil of love, espionage, and war. In this vivid portrait of Nazi Berlin, from its high society to its devastating fall, Jane Thynne examines the truths we sometimes dare not tell ourselves.

A satisfying book, filled with vivid historical detail and surprisingly nuanced characters. It effortlessly integrates real-life figures, including the notorious double agent Kim Philby . . . and Martha Dodd, daughter of America’s ambassador to Germany. An engrossing, suspenseful page-turner that defies expectations

Kirkus Reviews

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The Words I Never Wrote book cover

Other books by Jane

Solitaire : Clara Vine #5 book cover

Solitaire : Clara Vine #5

June 1940: the first summer of the war. Berlin is being bombed and nightly blackouts suffocate the city.

Fabulously sophisticated entertainment


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Faith and Beauty (UK) / The Pursuit of Pearls (US) : Clara Vine #4 book cover

Faith and Beauty (UK) / The Pursuit of Pearls (US) : Clara Vine #4

In a drama which traverses Berlin, Paris, Vienna and London, Clara Vine tries to keep her friends close, but finds her enemies are even closer.

Darkly brooding horror hangs over Germany; an irresistible page-turner packed with historical detail and told from a most unusual perspective.

Kirkus Reviews

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