Queen High

Thrilling dystopian fiction from the acclaimed author of Widowland, 'Clever, thrilling, brilliantly imagined ... chillingly convincing post-war dystopia' (Clare Chambers). Perfect for fans of Fatherland and The Handmaid's Tale.

Picked as a 2022 Book of the Year by The Daily Telegraph, The Financial Times and The Guardian

Britain, with the wrong queen.

1955. The Leader has been dead for two years. His assassination, on British soil, provoked violent retribution and intensified repression of British citizens, particularly women. Now, more than ever, the Protectorate is a place of surveillance and isolation - a land of spies.

The royal family has been usurped, and the widowed Queen Wallis reigns in their place. Yet still some citizens hold out hope that Elizabeth may one day return.

Every evening Rose Ransom looks in the mirror and marvels that she's even alive. A mere woman, her role in the Leader's death has been miraculously overlooked. She still works at the Culture Ministry, where her work now focuses on the outlawed subject of Poetry, a form of writing that transmits subversive meanings, emotions and signals that cannot be controlled. Therefore all Poetry is banned and Rose is appointed a Poet Hunter.

To widespread surprise, President Eisenhower is to make a state visit to the Alliance and Rose is tasked with visiting the widowed Wallis to provide a background briefing. When she arrives at the palace, she finds Wallis in a state of paranoia, desperate to return to America and enjoy the liberty of her homeland. She claims she has a secret document so explosive that it will blow the Protectorate apart - but will she dare to pull the trigger on the Alliance?

Brilliantly imagined and thoroughly chilling, this is a counterfactual tour de force

The Guardian

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Widowland is nominated for the Philip K Dick award

I’m a huge fan of Philip K Dick, the visionary writer whose work influenced Blade Runner, and whose Man In The High Castle was adapted for Amazon Prime. His interest in the nature of reality, the dangers of authoritarianism, and the threats to human identity produced some stunning, prescient fiction which has had a lasting influence on our culture. So I’m honoured and delighted that Widowland has been nominated for the award given in his name!