The Weighing of the Heart

London in the glittering twenties. Iris Barrington, the daughter of a rich American industrialist, lives a luxurious, but lonely existence. Her mother is dead, her older brother Charles lost in the war, and her father Elmer is interested only in his art collection and his construction projects.

Since the excavation of Tutankhamen’s tomb London has come under the spell of “Tutmania” and there is a craze for all things Egyptian. Iris lives a conventional upper class life of parties and nightclubbing, but she is bored and frustrated and longs for escape. When Samuel Dux comes into her life, fresh from the excavation of in the Valley of the Kings, she sees her chance.

But Samuel brings with him a troubling secret, one that stems from a dark moment in Howard Carter’s discovery of Tutankhamen’s tomb. It is a secret that threatens his own future and that of Iris too.

An enthralling love story that spans the world of the 1920s, from London’s high society and its artistic life, to Howard Carter’s famous discovery in the Valley of the Kings, The Weighing Of The Heart is a tale of passion, buried betrayals and devastating truths.

Cut and paste the following link for pictures of Howard Carter and the opening of the tomb in colour.


A bright, transporting pleasure.
The Lady
A sweeping literary romp set in Egypt at the time of the discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb.
Marie Claire - What I'm Reading Now October 2010
A charming story of society London in the 1920s, influenced by the discoveries in Egypt, particularly the famous tomb of Tutankhamen. Much of the narrative is interspersed with memories of that great find and the events surrounding it. It also touches on the horror of World War I and the ‘forgotten’ soldiers suffering from shell shock. A nice portrait of women’s lives at a time of social upheaval and a man’s life at a time of emotional disturbance.
Sarah Broadhurst, Lovereading