My new novel

I’m delighted to post the cover of my new novel, out in January 2020 from Ballantine Books. For readers of the Clara Vine series, it will be different, because it’s a standalone, but somewhat familiar too. It’s a split time narrative set between the present day, and tumultuous years between 1936 and 1945. It was conceived at a time of political turbulence, with Brexit in the UK and the election of a controversial president in the US, when, for first time in decades, political choices divided families and set friends against neighbours. That idea of ideological rifts bitter enough to separate families ignited my story of two sisters, Irene and Cordelia Capel, who follow very different paths in the run up to WWII. Irene marries a rich German and lives in Berlin, Cordelia becomes a journalist in Paris. Both of them face great moral choices, which are not easy or obvious, and the reverberations of those choices stretch into the present day. Love, espionage and war. And a typewriter!