Lovely blog!

Have just discovered a magnificent blog, which deals with the endlessly fascinating subject of clothes in books, and is called, appropriately, They kindly ran a piece on the mania for Nile Style which comes up in The Weighing Of The Heart. I’m not sure why the subject of clothes should be such an interesting one for novelists, but quite apart from the visual aspect I think it’s to do with the writer’s attempt to capture the entirety of a character’s feelings. We all know that clothes, whether they be constricting, comfortable, luxurious or fashionable, profoundly affect how we feel. Just listen to women who remember being forced to wear scratchy liberty bodices. Let alone those who spent all day trying to breathe in corsets. It’s hard to underestimate how clothes affect your sense of self. Anyway, it’s a topic I know I’l endlessly return to. The point at which fashion gets political is at the centre of Black Roses. Meanwhile, check out this blog. I’ve added a link below.