• Solitaire is a Bank Holiday Bargain!

    What do Wallis Simpson, Ian Fleming and Walter Schellenberg have in common? They all feature in the new Clara Vine novel, Solitaire, which is available over the May Bank Holiday for just 99p on Kindle. Scoop it up now for holiday reading or recommend to friends to help drive it up the charts!  https://www.amazon.co.uk/Solitaire-captivating-intrigue-survival-wartime-ebook/dp/B01C352OCQ/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1495787673&sr=8-1&keywords=jane+thynne

  • The Spirit of Liberation

    In the course of writing my work in progress – a stand alone novel called The Typewriter – I’ve been looking at a lot of images of Germany immediately after the end of the war. This video, if you can link to it, is a really impressive colourised compilation of footage shot in Germany, Washington and London, right after VE day and if you have a few minutes to spare it’s really worth a look!  The Spirit of Liberation

  • Lens, continued…

    and surely only the French would transport you to the event in a 1929 Citroen. It was rather wonderful to experience a car that Clara Vine might well have travelled in. Thank you to Bernard, my chauffeur.

  • My weekend at the Polar Lens

    I’ve never been to a French fiction festival before and for the novice it’s pretty eye-opening. A vast hall, the size of an aircraft hangar, full of desks on which the author’s work is displayed. The writer sits, apparently nonchalant, as visitors drift past, picking up a volume to scrutinise before either buying it, or putting it back. Some writers have lines stretching down the hall, others sit checking their phones. But what could be nicer than the chance to promote one’s work, so beautifully packaged by J.C. Lattes? I had some incredible chats with French fans who had apparently read all the Clara Vines that have been translated to date. And after listening to the machine gun delivery of the writers around me, I vowed to do some serious work on my French.

  • La Guerre des Fleurs

    Clara’s third adventure is out in France this week. Serendipitously is begins in Paris, where Clara has been filming and is looking forward to a day off. The British intelligence service has other ideas though and they initiate a mission that leads Clara to the door of Hitler’s girlfriend, Eva Braun. As always, this novel was hugely pleasurable to research and involved some time in Paris, including investigating Coco Chanel, whose conduct during the war was not especially fragrant. I’m much looking forward to talking about the novel to an audience in France on March 11.

  • Spies Under The Bed: Clapham Book Festival, May 6th

    There’s a rather seductive title for this forthcoming event, but that may be on account of my glamorous co-panellists, Andrew Lownie and Rick Stroud, and even more, the chair, Elizabeth Buchan.  We’ll be discussing our books at the Omnibus Arts Centre, I, Clapham Common north side, between 5pm and 6pm. and it would be fantastic if anyone can join us.  In lieu of a picture of Clapham here’s a photograph of the building in Munich where, in 1938, Chamberlain signed the agreement that gained his lasting reputation as an appeaser, even though it did hold off war for another year.

  • Tenderness in Munich

    Two days was not enough time to spend in Munich, but what an astonishing trove of unexpected treasure can be found there, if only you know where to look. Before I’d always focused on the Third Reich associations, as Munich was the cradle of National Socialism, so I’d never properly explored the vast number of exquisite artworks that are hanging in almost deserted museums like the Neue Pinakothek  or the Lenbachhaus, whose room devoted to the animal paintings of Munich native Franz Marc is unforgettable. I especially loved his deer frolicking in the snow, a work of great beauty from an artist who was destined to die in the First World War. Compare the gentle vulnerability of these paintings to the tortured postwar works of Otto Dix and Georg Grosz. Above all, as someone commented to me, they embody tenderness, which is a greatly underrated virtue.

  • The Polar Lens book festival March 10-12th

    My first French book festival! I’m excited and slightly daunted to be attending the Polar Lens festival in March to publicise Les Roses Noires and Le Jardin d’hiver. Daunted because A level French seems a long way away but excited to get a glimpse of an entirely different book buying public. So if anyone happens to be near Lens that weekend, please drop in…  http://www.polarlens.fr/wordpress/auteurs-present-polarlens/

  • Kindle bargain!

    I’m pleased to announce that Faith and Beauty is part of Kindle’s August promotion – just 99p this month. Ideal reading for beach, bath or bed! Just cut and paste or click on the link to find it….


  • Upcoming festivals and events

    I’m looking forward to a number of upcoming events this Autumn …

    Friday, September 16th: Waterstones Piccadilly. Writing Evil: Fiction and the rise and fall of Nazi Germany: I’ll be talking about the rise and fall of the Third Reich and its portrayal in fiction with Michael Ridpath (Shadows of War), William Ryan (The Constant Soldier) and Jason Hewitt (Devastation Road). We’ll  discuss our versions of life inside Nazi Germany from a variety of narrative angles, ask where the line between fact and fiction lies, and how novels can help us to understand the repercussions of Europe’s darkest hour.

    Sunday September 18th: Chiswick Festival. 3pm: Professor Adrian Stevens is joined by authors Jane Thynne (Faith and Beauty) and James MacManus (Midnight in Berlin), as they discuss their individual explorations of this attempt on Hitler’s life and consider the appeal of capturing in their fiction the evocative sense of place that Berlin creates.

    Monday, September 19th: Chiswick library. Berlin in Fiction.

    Saturday, October 15th: Isle of Wight literary festival. I’ll be giving an illustrated talk called The Real Housewives of Nazi Germany exploring the lives of the Nazi wives and girlfriends, their influence on the politics of the Third Reich and the research and inspiration behind the Clara Vine series.